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Energy Mission 2023

Energy mission banner 2023

It is time for the 4th challenging edition of Energy Mission

Since 2020, we embarked on our mission-oriented and cross-sectoral energy transition journey. We showed solutions and financial opportunities for the built environment, industry and electrification. The successful conferences brought together over 500 engaged stakeholders from the quadruple helix.


Energy Mission 2023 will take place on 17 October in Genk, Belgium. The venue Thor Central, located in the middle of Thor Park, offers a unique location to inspire, share and connect.
Thor Park itself is one of the advanced European living labs on energy transition. It transformed from a coal mine into a state-of-the-art technology park.

Bridging the gap

Our key challenge for the 2023 conference: how to bring all these promising innovations to the market? How to get the end user, the citizen, to accept them or even design them themselves? How to bridge the final gap to a broad application?
Without any doubt, “energy living labs” play a crucial role in this last mile to the market. These living labs are state-of-the-art, open innovation ecosystems where energy technologies are tested and improved in real interaction with end users and in real interaction with other components. After this phase, the innovations are ready for a go-to-market.

Your front row seat to Innovation in Action

What and who will you find at Energy Mission – Empowered by living labs?
  • Examples of living labs both for industry (e.g. power-to-X, hydrogen, energy and chemistry) and for the built environment
  • Industrial partners explaining how they found specific added value by joining living labs
  • Investors showing how they can support the innovations coming from living labs
  • Experts illustrating the benefits and challenges of AI and big data services at living labs
  • An interactive roundtrip along several advanced living labs in the EU
  • Examples of energy living lab ecosystems and practical ways how to participate, involving actors from quadruple helix: industry/finance, research, government, end-users.

Come to explore what an energy living lab ecosystem can mean for you and learn how to bridge the last mile to the market together!

The images and texts are sourced from the website of For more information, please visit their website.